Production Assistant (PA)

TV Studio Production
In moving to Los Angeles, Britain's main goal was to only work in the Film Industry. Since Sep. 1st, 2014, he has acclomplished just that, and has since been a day player with a number of major television production studios including FOX, ABC Studios, and CBS.  Some of the shows include How to Get Away with Murder, NCIS Los Angeles, and the upcoming Agent X with Sharon Stone.
Feature Film Production
There is a great deal to learn by being a part of production, and sticking out the long hours with the crew has its benefits. Britain's first feature in Los Angeles wrapped on his birthday. As a surprise, production got him a cake and snuck one featured line into the film. Britain continues to be a day player for music videos, commercials and feature length films. He enjoys absorbing the learning experiences. Past work includes Babysitter's Black Book that premiered on Lifetime, A Moving Romance, a Hallmark film, and Pandemic by New Artists Alliance.

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