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Set • Costume • Character 

Where Imagination Finds Form

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 Multitalented artist, scenographer, costume & character designer. Dependable performer, with collegiate training. Studied under G. W. Skip Mercier (Yale MFA) at the National Theatre Institute and Michael Sullivian MFA at Baylor University. Working in Entertainment for the 7+ years as a SAG-AFTRA actor, content creator, and behind the scenes on Major Studio TV and Film productions. Understands story- actor in principal roles for national commercial campaigns, TV and film. Designed and maintains a website and all-encompassing online media presence. Honoring deadlines and client needs, he is able to replicate various styles in digital and traditional mediums. 

  • Character design & Digital Illustration 

  • Scenic Painting/ Set Design: Scale, Wood Grain, Texture, Shadows, perspective, Fine Art Painting, color mixing & foam sculpting

  • Creative content for Social Media: TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter

  • Commissioned artwork for business chalk boards, menus, etc.

  • Cartoon and animation work for media companies

Scenic Painting - Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
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