Los Angeles based painter, sculptor and actor, Britain Simons, is an American born artist, using a bold and vivid style to stimulate passionate visions of the world. Born and raised in the Western Slope mountain town of Montrose, Colorado, he began exploring art with a raw talent. Simons began producing pencil portraits of public figures as early as 9 years old. In high school, he was commissioned as a local artist, showing at the Broadmoor Hotel and local galleries. His pottery teacher, Chad Morris, pulled him aside urging him to pursue art as a career, confessing Britain was producing works he couldn’t accomplish until much later in life.

Coming to terms with the difficult path of an artist, Britain sat down with his parents to profess art was his calling. While looking at Universities to attend for an engineering degree and career, after earning a full-ride scholarship from the Daniels Fund, Britain changed course. With a new sense purpose as an Artist he set course. He earned a Fine Arts degree from Baylor University with the support of his family, which was crucial during this period of discovery. He studied performance and visual design in Texas, Connecticut, and as far away as the St. Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy in Russia. Tackling many creative pursuits from acting, set design, being a head scenic painter, to sculpting clay, and painting with oils allowed him to develop his own personal style.

As a painter, Britain only produces one or two works a year, believing a work of art should be inspired and imbued with passion, thought, and energy of the artist. Though this is changing as demand for his art grows. Themes of connection, love, and positive universal energy are deeply ingrained into his personal style. The exclusive nature of the art, along with the unique attention to detail, make his contemporary paintings highly sought after. 






From oils to acrylic and watercolor paints, Britain finds deep colors and hones his unique style. Paintings are a rich expression. Enjoy Britain's unique take on the art form from realism to surrealist Post-Impressionism. 

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