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Stop Selling Yourself Short!

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Don't settle for what you "don't know." If I hear that phrase one more time...

Wake up! We live in the Golden Age of information. There is no reason to ever be bored.

• I taught myself how to solder circuit board by watching a Youtube video. In taking the couple minutes of research I fixed a $250 monitor that was being tossed out (Free) with a couple 50¢ capacitors.

I'm still not exactly sure what a capacitor is, but I was able to use basic directions and advice. I've fixed iPods, headphones, appliances and so much more by just taking a few extra minutes to learn. There are even whole websites dedicated to step by step instructions with pictures and video like

• I paid wayyy too much for a program to learn how to be a TV Set Production assistant only to find the same information with minimal digging online for free, including helpful Youtube videos.

• My Mac battery was dyeing and I ran out of Apple Care. A few minute google search and I saved myself hundreds in professional labor costs by learning changing a battery on my MacBook Pro was as simple as using glasses mini screwdriver, a specialty screwdriver ($5 Amazon purchase) and buying the battery for $45 using a high rated seller.

• I have salvaged and made so many clothes by just learning basic sewing skills. Even though I studied costume design, you can Google "how to sew on a button." You can find hobby groups and learn these skills. Craigslist a sewing machine. I can't tell you how many pants I've patched and holes I've fixed. Money in my pocket.

• Our second-hand fridge was collecting water at the bottom. Someone who would get easily frustrated or "didn't know" would have sold it as broken (which is how I got it cheap). A simple Google search for the brand and year told me the drainage was probably blocked. I unplugged it, took out a few screws, cleared the blockage and now it works like new.

• I needed a website for my creative business. Did I pay a web designer because I don't know how to code? No, I found a free 'click and drag' service that allowed me to easily design my own website how I wanted.

• I helped an *granted* older person figure out why their phone was slow. They could have literally typed that into Google and taken ten minutes to educate themselves on RAM which is used in every computing device from phones to desktop computers. Google would have told them basic fixes like RAM boost apps that work with one click, how to close out background apps that remain idle and use RAM, how to clean junk files again using 1-click apps, and I could go on.

• Afraid of learning a new software like Photoshop? No problem. Just open a picture and as you run into trouble on how to do what you want to do in that moment, Google it. There are countless How-To free videos. Teach yourself one task at a time to make it less intimidating. This goes for any software.

• Beating yourself up about the extra pounds? Watch some *free documentaries on Netflix/ Youtube with reputable PhD input. Even I know that sugar lights up the brain like cocaine, is addictive and is the main culprit for weight gain. Meat is classified as a class I carcinogen because of how we produce it. Dairy is bad for you because it contains harmful hormones, no fiber, designed for weight gain in young calfs, countries with the lowest rates of dairy consumption have the lowest rates of osteoporosis, and I could go on. Studies show the best food you can eat for a healthy life is fibrous plants, in fact you don't even need the other stuff. If you like to eat the other stuff, Awesome Sauce!! It's 100% your life and decisions, just don't play ignorant because you don't have the self discipline to mainly eat raw veggies and fruits.

• Want to dabble in some visual art form? Guess how easy it is to learn. Google form, value, line, space, shape and texture. The Elements of Art. You know how you don't build a house without a foundation... Well, those are the foundations of art: photography, painting, drawing, sculpting, etc. When I say learn, I mean create a new skill. That means you don't already have to know how.

• Not intrinsically satisfied with the world around you? MaYbe take a step away from your hearsay, or religious upbringing, world outlook and read some books by people who have studied and dedicated their entire lives to new avenues of understanding, including things you've never even considered or heard of. I'm not talking about reading various religious doctrines and being cultured. Go obscure, go metaphysical. There are literally thousands of years of positive knowledge to absorb. Find something that resonates with you. My favorite is The Convoluted Universe series by Dolores Cannon. It has no religious overtones, just cool information ranging from parallel universes to personal life purpose.

• Do you Love a certain dish at a restaurant but don't have money to go out and tip your server? Google. Recipes. You don't even have to go to the store and buy a book anymore. I love Olive Garden's Zuppa Toscana soup. Guess what the 4th search result is?

• Interested in psychology? Go watch some free TED talks. Make a note of the speakers that talk about subjects that interest you and search them out. Read their books, follow them on social media.

• I can go on & On & ON.

All of this is to say stop selling yourself short. Stop taking the easy path. Take full advantage of the time we live in. There is no reason to be pessimistic or bored when people have done so much work to find the answers for you and all you have to do is ask or take the extra step to learn. You don't have to be a genius to navigate the world, just do the work to find them, and absorb what they have to offer. The vast majority of the time the information will be far more digestible than you think or give yourself credit for.

If you read all of this, Thank You. ✌️ & ❤️

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